A Few Furniture Revivals

I have been so busy between work and furniture! Here are a few things I worked on during my month off of blogging!

I bought this desk at the Salvation Army store for $8.00. Yes, $8.00. I had to ask the lady twice  because there is nothing wrong with it and it is solid heavy wood. Insane deal!


My mother wanted a happy sunshine yellow desk so that’s what she got!!


The next was our kitchen table and chairs! They were in desperate need of an update after years of kid abuse!

chairs 2

The kitchen table was the same color as wood on the chair and it is now black! It looks like a whole new chair! I love them!

Next, my father took the left over fabric from the kitchen chairs and reupholstered the stools to our vintage dining table in the kitchen nook! They look great!

chairs 1

Love them! Also my dad got insanely crafty and built a headboard for my bed!! I had a very crude design idea and he turned it to a reality I love it! Now only if I can paint the bedroom walls white instead of that awful yellow….


I am so obsessed with this headboard! The bedroom update is well underway!!!

Finally, I know its not furniture but I decorated my mothers and mine Iphone charger so we can tell whose is whose and who loses theirs first! (my moneys on me :/) All I did was buy the glitter bored tape from Walmart (its in the paint section and its under $5 for a roll) and hot glued to the charger! Super cute and took me 3 minuets!

glitter tape

They are so cute! I love them! Plus if its glitter and gold it’s going to be my favorite thing anyways! xx



DIY Dog Bed/End Table.

I have a very spoiled and very shaggy yorkie named Heidi. She loves to be the center of attention and in the middle of everything but she also loves to sleep. This dog will sleep all day if you let her. So, my mother and I have been seeing people all over Pinterest take old end tables and turn them into dog beds; I thought i’d give it ago.

I picked up this octagon end table at a flea market for pretty cheap!

heidi hole 1

Super 70’s and dated. I took the doors off and sanded it down! After it was nicely sanded, I painted the outside white and the inside a super pretty coral color.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Then my very awesome and crafty father made a cushion for Heidi to sleep on!

heidi hole 3

It turned out so cute!! Ignore the pillow on the ground and the flip flop. This is a house with children after all!

heidi hole 4

It’s shaggy dog approved! The end table has affectionately been named “The Heidi Hole” and she loves it!


An American Girl Birthday.

Sorry for the lack of postings. I have been insanely busy. I started a new job that has me getting up way to early and going to bed wayyyy to early. Lets just say my 8 year old sister has a later bedtime then me :(. We have been very busy here. We had a birthday and we learned that I will be expecting a future niece or nephew in November!  So some very exciting times in this household! All of this plus I have been doing some insane projects around the house! Before we get to the crafty fun I’ll show you our trip to the American Girl store up in Overland Park, Ks. We road tripped to Overland Park for S’s birthday! Those two little girls were so excited. I had never been an American girl store so it was a very eye opening experience for me; to say the least.


The store itself is huge and beautiful. You walk in the front doors and it is sensory overload. I had no idea where to even begin!


The first thing the girls did was have their photos taken with the girl of the year!! Then we found the doll Dr. and had our broken dolls sent to the hospital.


They looked a little creepy.


Then the hunt was on for the dolls! S picked a doll named Caroline and M picked out a doll named Joesphina. After the dolls were picked M took her doll Rebecca to the dolly hair salon. Yep, doll hair salon.


Ok, it was pretty cute.


And I found a doll that looks like me! Dark,  long, long, long, hair, blue eyes, glasses!!

So after a long road trip many hard decisions about what doll to choose we had 2 very happy little kids on the ride home. 🙂



A learning Adventure

During Spring break the sisters wanted to explore our new town. Which was a lot of fun and such a good idea. In our town we have a museum dedicated to women and their lives on the frontier.


This museum has been on out most visit list since we got here!


The museum contained looks into the lives of the women as they settled the frontier of Oklahoma.




we also learned about Hair Wreaths…we decided they were icky.



Also we learned the terrifying ways women got perms….




The best part of the whole museum was the lovely old woman who sat at a loom and weaved all day. The sisters thought it was so cool.


This will truly become a lost art. Her hands were so methodical while showing us. This was an amazing thing for the kids to see. We have so many more photos from the museum its hard to choose which ones to use! It was such an amazing experience~ xx



Spring Break

Another spring day. I couldn’t feel more blessed now that spring is here. The sisters are on springbreak so we took a mini road trip to see our father out in the field. All of us had lunch and we explored a new town. My mom also surprised the sisters with Frozen. We love Disney! After the road trip and the movie, the sisters enjoyed an awesome spring break day outside on the play set!

I learned today that happiness is a warm swing on a sunny day.



To end the day my mom and I are having brinner. Hope everyone’s day was as great as ours! xx

Wishing on Lanterns

In this household full of girls we love Tangled. Especially my little sister, S, it was her favorite until Frozen came along. 🙂 A few weeks ago driving home from Kansas City with my dad we stopped to get gasoline at a gas station/firework store. (If you ask me, that would be an interesting explosion. ‘It’s on fire but it’s so pretty!’) At this inferno waiting to happen they had the Chinese lanterns like in the movie! I bought each of the girls one and we have been saving them for the perfect night! We finally set them off to celebrate being in our new home, in a new state, in a new school, and dad was home!!

As you can see S was not happy with the fire. She kept moving!

M was far more brave about the fire!


The color was so beautiful at night! The girls stood together and made their wishes before we sent them off into the sky!

Making memories like this is something we love doing together as a family. After all, family is the most important thing. xx

St. Patricks Day Ombre Cake

St. Patricks day is seriously right around the corner! I love holidays, they are so much fun, especially with the little sisters! So this year, I wanted to try to make an ombré cake. I have been seeing them all over Pinterest and this was my first attempt! It was a bit nerve racking but I think it think it turned out ok.

This is what you’ll need:


Next, you make the cake just like the back of the box says.


After your cake batter has been thoroughly mixed, separate the batter into 3 different bowls. 1 bowl will remain white while the other 2 will have food dye added to them. Add the dye till one bowl is a darker color and one bowl will be lighter. How the colors look is totally up to you, but, an ombré is a gradient effect; you want to see a gradually difference.

After all the food coloring has been added it should look something like this

Bake the cakes in the oven according to the instructions on the. Once the cakes have finished, and cooled completely, begin to stack the cakes on top of each other with a layer of icing in between each cake.

Cover the cake in icing and decorate how you want! My little sister, S, loves Andes Mints so I chopped some up to put on top of the cake.


When you’re all finished the inside of your cake will look something like this!

Messy cakes are the best! The sisters loved the cake and it was super fun to make! Hope everyone has a safe and fun St. Patricks day! xx

Birdy Feeder Upcycle

Awhile ago, my brother brought home a bird feeder for me to “do whatever it is that you do” to it. I have no idea where he got it, with my brother it’s best not to ask questions you don’t want the answer too. Honestly, he probably found it in a barn somewhere… Needless to say, it’s kinda rough and rusty.


Maybe a little too rusty; but lucky for me I’ve got a good little helper. My baby sisters are the best.


After M did her thing, I of course took to my trusty can of gold spray paint and did whatever it is that I do, and turned it gold.



Hopefully the birdies like it! xx

So I Was Bored…

I hate it when I get bored and have a can of spray paint laying around. When this happens things in my home fall victim to unnecessary make overs.


There’s nothing wrong with that candle holder but I did it anyways. I guess you could say Buddha got highlights….


Well, lucky for me I only had silver. It could have been worse I guess…. Idle hands man, idle hands.

Accent Walls: An Obession.

What a boring rainy day here in Oklahoma. It’s gray and dreary; usually, I’m all about rain but this winter has been dragging me down! I know I can’t be the only one who feels that way. So, to shake my winter weather blues I got on pinterest and looked at bright colorful accent walls to cheer me up!

I love anything and everything black and white chevron. I love chevron. I love the ups and the downs and the wonderfulness of chevron.

chevron wall

Black and white is great, but who doesn’t love bright fun colors?!  I don’t understand why so many people are afraid of color? It can seriously make any room pop!


Even a basic blue wall can make my heart sing!


Let us take a moment and bask in the glory that is my dream gold sequin wall. Yes, you read that correctly. GOLD. SEQUIN. ACCENT. WALL.


Ugh, get out of my dreams and onto my wall. xx